International Chiropratic Care | Amélie Haran
Centre international de chiropractie. Amélie Haran travaille sur votre posture, elle vous met relation avec votre corps et vous donne des outils pratiques au service de votre bien-être.
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Amélie Haran

Amélie Haran

Chiropractor & Aromatherapist


Amélie worked for several years in Switzerland before opening her own office in the 7th inParis. She works on posture, likes to guide each individual to develop a closer relation with his/her body and provide tools for individual well-being.

Aromatherapy is a great source of wealth to help release emotional tensions. Her work is designed to allow one move forward in life and reconnect to its essentials. Amélie also enjoys traveling, and her experience allows her to work in many different languages (French, English, Italian). She also specializes in supporting women through their pregnancy and terminally-ill individuals.

Tapped, it comes through entrepreneurship women in the Ledbyher association in Paris.