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Centre international de chiropractie. Amélie Haran travaille sur votre posture, elle vous met relation avec votre corps et vous donne des outils pratiques au service de votre bien-être.
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Composed of physical matter, emotions and thoughts.
​All sphere​s​ interact with one another.


Discover our own body, conceive and learn to perceive a new way to connect with ​it​, decode its messages and signals. Touch is a great way to get in touch with what constitutes the visible, palpable matter of​ a​ person.


Develop your inner listening, doing so in silence in order to feel ​your​ needs, wants, doubts, frustrations, anger, anxieties, joys, sorrows. Olfaction is the most direct way to access the natural limbic brain, seat of emotions, and ​letting go of ​original emotional tensions.


Clarify ​your ​thoughts to go ​forward, take a look at ​your beliefs, refine ​your ​goals. The voices and sounds is to ​alternate between​ the ability of both right and left brain hemisphere to balance the brain.


This can be seen when one enters inside oneself. Having some time is essential.

The door opens thanks to our senses.

Focus, align to adjust ​your life​,​ listening to ​your inner feeling​ – this​ is the objective of the proposed sessions.



Chiropractic is an Art, a Science and a Philosophy
It’s a way of being, a way of thinking and a way of acting.



I like the term Adjustment , that's reconnect my body my mind and my soul. This is what attract me to the chiropractor. The adjustment is through touch, listening, presence . I want to be aligned and to be present with what is happening in my daily life. This allows me to have good tools to respond to daily stress periods. The chiro work on my posture, the column in my body and my life position everyday . I need holistic care .

Chiro in 4 words :
Reconnection , Wellness , Relieve tension, be present to itself


I felt in my all body, a sense of liberation . It is very intense this letting go. I've never felt anything like it. I felt energetic afterwards a visit. We find ourselves with chiropractic . This feeling of well-being give me the willingness to come back. I felt how I could be stressed before to come. Since I advise my friends to go there.

Chiro in 4 words :
Wellness , Simplicity, Sensory world, Relief


I was afraid that chiropractic was crunches or violent things. I came when my back was painful and with breathing trouble.I was tense at first but I really relax myself progressively . What was wonderful was when I came out, I could walk normally again . Everything has been unlocked. I felt released gradually . I did a lot of things as relaxation but this was a very thorough job. There is psychological side, emotional, a work on posture, breathing. I have a perception of me different now, it released a lot of things.

Chiro in 4 words :
Release tension, back to a range of movements, back a zest for life, well-being


Chiropractic is a discovery, an indoor adventure with an idea of personal development. I was attracted by a complementary medicine to conventional medical practice.There is something going on during the session and it shakes itself and change take place. After a session, I feel light, sparkling. The feeling is progressive and extraordinary. We get out with the feeling of having done something good for yourself. The benefits are for the body itself and in the end there is something deeper that appear over time . Finally we ask for more again .

Chiro in 4 words :
Introspection , Personal Development , Change, Wellness


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